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Alaska’s Rainforest Islands offer a wealth of spectacular experiences. Within the space of a few days, you can enjoy a lifetime of activities and create a store of memories other trips just can’t match. Come look around!

Getting Here

Visiting Alaska’s Rainforest Islands is easier than you think. By air on Alaska Airlines from Seattle, Juneau and Anchorage. Smaller regional flights connect the Islands to one another, as well as to Ketchikan.

Make Alaska Airlines reservations by calling 1‐800‐426‐0333 in the U.S. and Canada or click here to go directly to Alaska Airlines website:

The Alaska Marine Highway System, Alaska’s state ferry, offers auto and passenger
connections to Wrangell and Petersburg. Ferries depart from Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, British Columbia for the trip north. Advance reservations are recommended, especially if you plan to bring a vehicle. Call toll free in the U.S. and Canada at 800‐642‐0066 or online at

Getting Around

By Car/RV/Motorcycle – Exploring with your own vehicle will give you easy access to
many of the region’s attractions. There are good road systems around Petersburg and
Wrangell, and a very extensive road system (some 2,000 miles) on Prince of Wales
Island. Rental cars are available in Wrangell, Petersburg, and Craig on Prince of Wales

The Inter‐Island Ferry Authority provides connecting vehicle and passenger service
between Prince of Wales Island (Hollis) and Ketchikan. Make reservations on the Inter‐Island Ferry by calling toll‐free 866‐308‐4848 or for scheduling information visit them online at

By Water ‐ In addition to ferry service, cruise these waters and visit ports in your own boat, or with a local operator.

By Air ‐ Scheduled small plane and air charter service is available between nearly all
the communities of Alaska’s Rainforest Islands. Flying is a dependable and quick way to
travel within the region, and a convenient way to access remote areas, campgrounds and US Forest Service cabins.


From romantic B&B’s to luxurious wilderness lodges to remote cabins, the Rainforest Islands have accommodations to fit every taste and budget.

Know Before You Go

What to Wear

“Into Each Rainforest, Some Rain Must Fall” Alaska’s Rainforest Islands are in the
middle of a northern temperate rainforest. In order to grow our lush forests, abundant flowers, fill our many streams with fish, and provide homes for countless
animals, it has to rain. So, before you leave home, pack for a cool climate by

planning to dress in layers. Polar Tec‐type fleece, wool, and breathable waterproof
fabrics are good choices for outer layers. Our summer temperatures range from
49‐82 degrees Fahrenheit (9 – 28 degrees Celsius).

Comfortable shoes are always a good bet, but comfortable and waterproof will
keep you happier when hiking on damp trails or walking around town. You’ll see
many locals, especially those who work in the woods or on the dock, wearing
brown shin‐high waterproof boots called XtraTufs. Other good options are hiking
boots, or trail runners.

Cellular Phones

Cellular Phone service is available in most communities, but is not as reliable when
you travel to more remote areas. Our beautiful mountains and intricate waterways
block line‐of‐sight cellular signals.

Internet Access

Wrangell and Petersburg both have good internet access. Petersburg has wireless service along the waterfront, and at the library. Some local retailers and lodgings provide services for the customers. Service on Prince of Wales is available at the Coffman Cove Library and the P.O.W. Chamber of Commerce office in Klawock.

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