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Travel Times and Distances

By Air

Alaska Airlines offers multiple flights accessing Wrangell and Petersburg via Seattle and Anchorage via Ketchikan and Juneau. The Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Wrangell is 3.5 hours with one stop in Ketchikan. The flight from Wrangell to Petersburg is only 11 minutes.

There are many charter air service providers throughout Alaska’s Rainforest Islands that will take you to that special place you want to visit. Please inquire at your point of origin.

By Water

The Alaska Marine Highway System ferry departs from Bellingham, WA every Friday afternoon and arrives in Wrangell on Sunday afternoon. It takes approximately 48 hours to get through the Inside Passage of British Columbia and Alaska, making only one stop in Ketchikan early Sunday morning. From Wrangell to Petersburg it’s about 5.5 hours. The ferry from Petersburg to Kake takes about 4 hours.

The Inter-Island Ferry operates between Hollis on Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan. It departs once a day, year round. It is a 3-hour ferry ride between Ketchikan and Hollis (35 miles) and an additional 30-minute taxi/van/car ride between Hollis and Craig. 

The newest addition to the transportation fleet is the Rainforest Islands Ferry. This passenger/vehicle ferry service is scheduled to begin service in 2015 and will connect Wrangell, Petersburg and Prince of Wales Island 4 days a week from April to October, dropping to a 3-day schedule in winter months.

Water Taxi service between various points within Alaska’s Rainforest Islands are available. Please inquire at your point of origin.